Change Log v3.1

We would like to inform you that a new upgrade (v3.1) is already live for all users!


Change log v3.1:

New features

  • Smart URL
    • Cleaner and better urls. Now it’s possible to include current subfolder, editing documents or specific views in the url

  • Loading improvement in deep folder structures
    • Metadrive will save deep folder structure information in your browser to avoid loading every time.
  • Boolean Property (true or false)


  • Move documents
    • Move documents directly from Metadrive. Now you can move documents through or out of the folder structure.

  • Create Folders
    • Users can create Google Drive/Team Drive Folders directly from Metadrive

  • Edit in Datasheet smart pickers
    • New data pickers in edit in datasheet for choice and date properties.


  • Sort options kept when editing in datasheet
  • Panels cleaned when closed
  • Possibility to save choice properties empty (it will include “undefined value” as value)
  • None’ value included for choice properties


  • Sorting enabled in edit in datasheet
  • Possibility to search date and datetime properties through Google Drive or Metadrive
  • Contact properties now retrieve information from all users in your domain
  • Some styles fixes

2017 Recap

During this year there have been a lot of changes and improvements in Metadrive.
Here it’s a summary of the main updates:

  • Team Drives Integration and complete redesign of the application
  • New Field type: Multichoice field on choice properties
  • New Field type: Lookup (Read values from Google Spreadsheet)
  • New Field type: Contact field (Read values from your Google Contacts and domain users)
  • Folder information column
  • Home: Domain workspace
  • System views (documents from bin, not viewed documents…)

And there are a lot more! You can check all changes in our change log or following our YouTube Channel