Creating workflows for files in Google Drive

With Metadrive you can automatize your workflows. In this article we explain how to add workflows to your documents in Google Drive with Metadrive and how their configuration works.

1. In the Metadrive App home page, open the folder you wish to implement the workflow in by double clicking on it. In the example below, we select the «testing» folder.

open a folder in metadrive

2. Once you have opened the desired folder, you must click on the «folder properties» icon marked in the picture below.

open folder properties in metadrive

3. Then, the properties of that folder will appear. There, you must select «workflow  details» (1).  If  no  workflow  was  previously created, you  will  see  the  same  message  as  the  one  in  the  picture  below.  To  create  new workflow  you  must  click  on  the + icon  on  the  right  (2).  creating a new workflow in metadrive

4. After that, the workflow configuraron panel will apear so you can fill it in.

  • a -> Write the name you want to give to your workflow.
  • b -> If you wish to launch automatically the workflow as soon as it is created, you can activate this option.
  • c -> You can also name each of the steps of your workflow.
  • d -> It is possible to state if you need it to bee approved by all validators or not.
  • e -> You can make mandatory to leave a comment.
  • f -> You can select for each step its type: email list or contact property. This last type allows to assign as validators the users or emails that are present at one custom property in that file (it must be a contact type).
  • g -> By clicking in this button you can add more steps to your workflow.

workflow configuration in metadrive

5. In the workflow configuration, you can also select some post-workflow actions, specifying who must be notified in each case and if the file must be moved to another folder.

post workflow actions metadrive

6. To conclude with the creation of the workflow, you just need to save it by clicking on the button in the upper-right corner. If you have activated the option of automatically launching it, you do not need to do anything else. If not, go to point 7.

save a workflow in metadrive

7. In case you have not selected to launch automatically your workflow, you just need to click on the «pencil» icon next to the document. Then, you go to workflows (on the top) and click on «launch» and the contacts selected to be notified will receive an email (picture below).

metadrive workflow notification

8. If you click in any button, you will be redirected to Metadrive (picture below). From there, you can leave your comment and accept or reject the workflow.

metadrive workflow actions