Edit your images online using Metadrive

Metadrive has many functionalities for its users. One of them is the ability to edit images directly from the application.

To edit an image, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Select the image you want to edit and click on the «pencil» icon on the left. edit images in Metadrive

2. A preview of the selected image will open, as shown in the picture below. There, you must click on the icon in the upper-left corner to open the image editor. edit images online with Metadrive

3. The editor is now opened. There, you can carry out several actions such as cropping, drawing, inserting figures, etc (a). Once you have finished editing your image, you have 3 options for saving it (b):

  • Save: you save it replacing the original image.
  • Save copy: you save a copy of the original document with the changes you made.
  • Download to your computer.

edit images online with Metadrive

4. For this example, we selected «save copy». So, a new file called «Copy of escritorio» is created in the same location as the original one. You can click on it to see a preview of the result, as explained in the first point. edit images online with Metadrive