Metadrive licenses Purchasing Process

If you wish to purchase some Metadrive licenses, you just need to contact us explaining what your needs are and we will make an offer that suits your request. We can even schedule a demo to show you how Metadrive works and its benefits for your situation.

Regarding payment methods, Metadrive allows two possible ways, so you can choose the most convenient for you:

  1. Direct bank transfer: we provide you the account number where you have to make the transfer to.
  2. PayPal Link: we create a link in PayPal and send it to you, so you can pay through it.

Once you have made the first payment,  we check it and activate your business account in Metadrive, so you can start enjoying it.

Moreover, to issue the invoice for your purchase, we need your company name, address and VAT number. If you need it to be associated with any purchase number, send it also to us, so we can include it in the invoice.