Change log

Version 3.3.0 –  April 2018


  • New Metadata type: emoji
  • Description in Metadata
    • You can now enter descriptions to custom properties in your configuration.  These descriptions will be shown as hover text while the property is being edited or completed.
  • Import documents from Google Drive
    • Select any document from your Google Drive to be moved to your current folder
  • Friendly error messages
  • Real Time notifications
    • See the document changes in your folder highlighted


  • Save custom views with a search term or folders off enabled as default views
  • Search term in the web address
  • Document link in datasheet
  • Document link in Lookup properties


  • Multichoice Metadata in limited functionalities

Version 3.2.0 –  December 2017


  • Mandatory Metadata
    • Set custom metadata to be mandatory when creating or editing documents
  • Default values in Metadata
  • Collapse/Expand all when grouping
  • Administrative page for domain super admin users (Only pay domains)
    • Manage logo configuration and report of the active users
  • Filters, order and groups visible in the web address
    • Customize your Metadrive view creating a unique web address and bookmark it or share it.
  • Real Time metadata update and document creation sync
    • Cowork with more people in the same Metadrive folder or Teamdrive and see their changes without refreshing the page.


  • Consistent naming in features and tooltips in gadget mode
  • Remain in datasheet view after saving
  • Isnull and isnotnull filters removed. Now treated as isempty or isnotempty.


  • Edit properties preview document crashes after saving – solved
  • Some styles fixes

version 3.1.0 – Sep 2017


  • URL-Intelligent
  • Folder Tree Cache
  • Boolean Property
  • Move documents
  • Create Google Folders
  • List value picker in choices when editing in datasheet
  • Datepicker in date properties when editing in datasheet (not datetime)


  • Sort options kept when editing in datasheet
  • Panels cleaned when closed
  • Possibility to save choice properties empty (it will include “undefined value” as value)
  • ‘None’ options included to clean normal choices


  • Sorting enabled in edit in datasheet
  • Date and datetime properties searchable
  • Contacts property from domain
  • Some Styles fixes
  • Improvement loading Metadrive (faster)

version 3.0.3 – Jul 2017

Changed (changes in existing functionality)

  • Folder column available in any views (not only while searching or ‘no folders’)
  • ‘Green dot’ updates items loaded when filtering
  • Datasheet gets all items loaded in full functionalities
  • Resizing available in limited functionalities
  • Manage folder and file permissions enabled on Team Drives

Fixed (any bug fix)

  • Horizontal scrollbar displayed when resizing columns
  • Some style bugs
  • Various minor bug fixed

version 3.0 – Jun 2017

Added (new features)

  • Team Drives Integration
  • Complete Redesign
  • System views
    • All Items
    • My Bin
    • Not viewed files
    • Updated files for me
  • Contextual Help in panels

Changed (changes in existing functionality)

  • User’s profile picture in owners and last modifying user
  • Home Widgets:
    • Removed starred and recent documents.
    • Added Team Drives and last google drive folders opened
  • Starred icon next to document name (if applicable).
  • View’s settings displayed when creating/editing views.
  • Text properties length increase to 90 characters

Fixed (any bug fix)

  • Some style bugs
  • Various minor bug fixed
  • Improvements in the performance of the tool

version 2.5 – Mar 2017

Added (new features)

  • New Field type: Contact field
    • Use your Google Contacts as data source for your contacts properties
  • Home: Domain workspace
    • Domain admins can create a common workspace for domain users. They can also allow people to edit the domain workspace.
  • Paypal
    • Domain admins can buy Metadrive licenses directly from the application

Changed (changes in existing functionality)

  • Set minimum resize width for columns
  • New interface for user workspace. Actions moved to the toolbar.
  • Filters for “Last viewed by me” date enabled on limited functionalities
  • Added “Shared with me” and “Recent” documents on home left panel aside from Starred documents

Fixed (any bug fix)

  • Some style bugs
  • Various minor bug fixed

version 2.4 – Feb 2017

Added (new features)

  • New Field type: Multichoice field on choice properties
  • Folder information column in search results
  • Logout button added

Changed (changes in existing functionality)

  • Performance improvement. Full functionalities up to 2000 documents
  • Custom properties ordered by title in edition mode or upload mode
  • iconLink column removed
  • Grouping functionality doesn’t refresh Metadrive
  • Filters for “Modified date” enabled on limited functionalities
  • Google Apps icons removed from user information

Fixed (any bug fix)

  • Performance improvements
  • Problem with duplicated values on lookup properties fixed
  • Lookup properties displayed also in upload mode and in templates creation mode
  • Validations on Datasheet don’t working as expected in several cases.
  • Login with two accounts issue solved
  • Some style bugs
  • Various minor bug fixed

version 2.2 – Sept 2016

Added (new features)

  • New Field type: Lookup
    • Read values from Google Spreadsheet to be used as Metadata
    • Allows hierarchical values (Treeview and cascaded selection)
  • New Home page with more functionalities and Widgets
    • “Last Metadrive folders opened” and “Stared documents”
    • My Workspace Area. Organize your folders in a convenient hierarchical structure for easy access.
  • Use Metadrive with any subfolder.
    • There is no need to open the root folder with Metadrive configuration. Instead, you can open a subfolder and all configuration will be retrieved automatically.
  • Definition of Document Templates at folder level
    • Save time to the contributors, enabling docs templates at folder level and create documents based on the templates in just one click.
  • Manage folder permissions directly in Metadrive
  • Enhanced views.
    • Define a search term in a view and save it to reuse this search easily.
    • Hide folders in a hierarchy and display all documents in a flat structure. Now you can save it directly in a view to reuse it as many times as needed just one click away.
  • Feedback form for problems or suggestions added to the interface
  • Starred documents added in the document context menu.


Changed (changes in existing functionality)

  • Possibility to delete all the views (before there was a bug to delete the last one)
  • Save all possible filters and sort options in Views
  • Files now go to trash when deleted


Fixed (any bug fix)

  • Unable to save folder templates if there aren’t properties
  • Description didn’t update on datasheet view
  • Improved behaviour when accessing Datasheet view after searching or filtering
  • Problems with grid size on Firefox
  • Some style bugs on panels
  • Various minor bug fixed


version 2.1 – May 2016

Added (new features)

  • Datasheet view: New interface to provide metadata edition in bulk.
  • Description standard field added as system property and editable using Metadrive. Possibility to be used for big texts.
  • “Reset filters” action in views added: It will remove all filters in one unique action.
  • User info including photo and link to the most important Google apps
  • Folder location: Added Folder location information in Document details panel.
  • Multi-filter possibilities in the same property
  • Notifications added when actions are performed like: saving, updating, deleting…


Changed (changes in existing functionality)

  • New format on the document details panel
  • New styles in the metadata edition panel.
  • “Owner” & “Modified by” can use “Display Name” and not only “email”.
  • Information about the Quota readable in bytes
  • New format for “get Link”
  • New improved algorithm to generate folder tree dynamically using batches.


Fixed (any bug fix)

  • Creation of documents in current folder (and not always in the root folder)
  • Subscription created in real time to the folder structure for users who are granted permissions with Google Groups with more than 200 members. Also, when shared the documents using the shared with the domain.
  • Fixed US date format.
  • Document creation Floating button with reduced screens is no longer blocking actions.
  • When a grid is ordered by any column, and the grid is restarted, it is not crashing anymore
  • Double refresh when certain actions (like deleting properties, uploading documents) is not happening anymore.
  • Date field validation


version 2.0 – 1st March 2016

Added (new features)

  • Totally upgraded application with AngularJS, Material design and html5.
  • Advanced filtering options like: Equals, Not Equals, Contains, Does not contain, Starts with, …
  • New grouping capabilities, to expand / collapse documents based on the same metadata criteria
  • Possibilities to create several views for your folder allowing a quick navigation and different layouts
  • Display all documents in the folder hierarchy hiding the subfolders in a flat structure.
  • Extra system metadata like ‘last viewed by me’, ‘thumbnail’, ‘quota’…
  • New contextual action menu
  • Previsualization of documents while adding metadata


Changed (changes in existing functionality)

  • Totally renewed interface and new styles
  • Better performing algorithms to search and metadata management


version 1.10 – November 2015

  • Compatibility with modern browsers
  • Login with Firefox issue fixed

version 1.08 – August 2015

  • Back-end changes

version 1.07 – July 2015

  • Styles updated. (Adaptation required due to Google Library changes)

version 1.06 – June 2015

  • New feature multiple files upload with metadata
  • Several bugs fixed

version 1.05 – May 2015

  • Additional actions in the contextual menu
  • Improved to load folders
  • Retrocompatibility bugs fixing
  • Small bugs fixed

version 1.04 – April 2015

  • Increase folder search results
  • Overall performance
  • Small bugs fixed

version 1.03 – March 2015

  • Improved design and user experience
  • Small bugs fixed

version 1.02 – February 2015

  • New option to create documents from Metadrive App
  • Architectural changes – stable version
  • User notification system
  • Small bugs fixed

version 1.01 – January 2015

  • Add filter in system properties
  • Improved compatibility for gadgets
  • Improved action user feedback
  • Small bugs fixed

version 1.00 – October 2014

  • New professional version
  • Installation at domain level (New protocol OAuth 2.0)
  • Available in Google Marketplace
  • New branding
  • Architectural changes – stable version
  • Improved overall app performance.
  • New search algorithm, more accurate and performed.
  • New custom property types (text, choice, date, date & time, number)
  • New interface with improved usability and a new design
  • Newly created custom properties are added automatically to default view
  • Improves on edit file properties window.
  • Added preview thumbnail, document title, quick actions on edition properties window.
  • Folder picker to select your drive folder!
  • File tools on contextual menu (send by email, download in pdf, rename title)
  • Bugs fixed from version beta

version Beta 5 – March 2014

  • Integrated with Google+ API
  • Improved search functionality
  • View functionality

version Beta 4 – December 2013

  • Google Drive Open With functionality implemented
  • Authentication protocol updated
  • Small design updates

version Beta 2 – September 2013

  • Improved performance
  • Cache implementation
  • Various bug fixing

version Beta 1 – July 2013

  • New column types available
  • Filters and search improved

version Alpha – June 2013

  • First version released available for all users with basic functionalities