How to manage the Metadrive users of your domain?

The panel administrator function allows you to control all the users in your domain who have a Metadrive license assigned to them.

In this panel, your company’s domain administrator can review the list of users and control how often they use the platform.

Also, the administrator can revoke licenses for those users who do not use them and free up space for other members of the work team.

These are the steps you must follow to access this panel

  • Click on the button where your profile image is located in the Metadrive bar- Click on the configuration button

  •  In the first tab, you will find general information about the number of licenses you have purchased vs. the number of licenses being used


  • In the domain users table, you can review the list of users and perform the action you want to perform


  • In the customization table, you can upload your company logo to make your corporate image always present


  • In the Metadrive administration view, you can invite other users in your team to become administrators



  • The last table will allow you to add users who will have permission to edit the domain workspace structure




This functionality is an extra charge to your license contract, you must contact us to activate it, likewise if you wish to add a new license.