Install Metadrive for a Company Domain

NOTE: Only Google Domain Administrators are allowed to install Metadrive App at Domain level. If you have any question, contact us

Installation at company domain allows Google Domain administrators to deploy Metadrive for all domain users (Or a sub-group of users based on organizational units) in one shot. If you choose this option to deploy Metadrive in your domain, users will not be asked to for permissions.

Step 1.  Access the admin console with your administrator account

Step 2. Click in Marketplace Apps

Google Admin Console

Step 3. Click in Add Marketplace Apps

Add Marketplace Apps

Step 4. Search for metadrive, and click in INSTALL APP

Metadrive Marketplace Apps

Step 5. Click in continue


Step 6. Accept the Terms of service and privacy policy and, click in Accept

Authorize Metadrive

Why Metadrive asks you for these permissions?

– Know who you are on Google & View you email address. These permissions are required to know your email address.

– Add itself  to Google Drive. This permission allows Metadrive to be opened from a folder of your Drive interface.

– View and manage the files and documents in your Google drive. This permission is required to do searches, need to display documents, need to navigate on your folders structure, need to create custom properties and save them into your documents.

It’s done! You got it!


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Metadrive has been successfully installed in your domain!