Integrate Metadrive with Google Site

Using Metadrive you can easily display Google Drive Folders embedded in Google Sites pages with all the advanced functionalities provided by Metadrive

TIP: Google Sites are used often as Collaboration portals. Use Metadrive to embed your documents giving added value, Searching, Filtering, etc without leaving the Google Site

To integrate a Google Drive Folder in Google Site using Metadrive, follow these steps:

Go to the corresponding Google Site page > Edit the page

From Insert Menu > More Gadgets


Click on Add gadget by URL, and add the url

Open a new tab, locate your folder in Google drive and copy the Folder ID (The big text after the last / in the web address)

Copy the ID of the folder you want to display and paste it in the Folder ID 

Save and it’s done! You have a Google Drive folder embedded in a Google Site page