What is a domain level plan?

The difference between the Business plan and the Enterprise plan is that the first is subject to a contracted number of licenses, while the Enterprise allows contracting at the domain level that adds a series of advantages that are explained below.

Hiring Metadrive licenses at the domain level is a way to help medium and large companies to establish a personalized plan that best suits their needs.

When the number of employees is large, setting the user-defined list price (€ 18) usually triggers the budget, for this reason, we ask companies to tell us about their specific needs for the use of the tool and to establish a plan that allows all employees to have unlimited access to Metadrive functionalities.

  • Discounts

The discounts applied in contracting at the domain level will depend on the volume of users. It will also depend on the permanence of the contract. The longer they stay and the volume of users, the greater the discount.

  • Contract time

The duration of the contracts is from 1 to 3 years.

  • What happens if the number of employees grows?

One of the characteristics that define us as a company is flexibility, so if the number of employees continues to grow in the company, you should not worry about having to buy extra licenses, since, in addition to discounts, we apply a percentage of free licenses.

If this percentage is exceeded, then more should be hired.

  • Payments

Payments are normally made annually.

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