Why is Metadrive asking for these permissions?

Metadrive needs to access your Google Drive files and folders, so the very first time you access the application, a consent screen is shown so you can concede the necessary permissions. Then, Metadrive will use your context credentials to work with your Drive files.

Metadrive uses secure OAuth 2.0 protocol to manage authorizations.

See, edit, create and delete all of your Google Drive files

Metadrive allows users to manage their Google Drive documents. This permission is needed so users can perform these actions from the platform:

  • Create new documents, copy existing ones or upload new documents from your PC
  • Edit documents name, description, and metadata. In photos, you can edit the content too
  • See a preview of your documents
  • Delete any of your documents from Metadrive

Connect itself to your Google Drive

Metadrive needs this permission so users can launch the application from Google Drive. In any Google Drive folder, you can right-click on it, select “Open with” in the menu and select “Metadrive” from the list of applications that may pop up.

See info about users on your domain

When using contact properties in Metadrive, it automatically starts searching for contacts as you type. These contacts may be domain contacts or personal contacts. This scope is needed to retrieve the first of them.

See and download contact info automatically saved in your «Other Contacts»

Metadrive is asking for this permission due to the migration from the Google Contacts API and People API.

This will allow Metadrive to integrate new updates and display relevant search results for your contacts.

The user will be able to manage more effectively when adding contact type metadata and the selection of validators when configuring workflows.

See, edit, download, and permanently delete your contacts

When using Contact properties in Metadrive, in case you add an email address that is not present among your current contacts, Metadrive automatically adds it.
Once it is in your contacts, you will not need to remember the full email address to add it. Metadrive will search by name and email address as you start typing, so you can select it from a list of suggested contacts.
Metadrive will never edit, download nor delete any of your contacts.

See all your Google Sheets spreadsheets

This scope is needed to use Look-up properties in Metadrive. When you create a Look-up property in Metadrive, you are prompted to select a Google Sheet. In this Google Sheet, you define the list of possible values the property may have.

When editing documents with this property in Metadrive, the list of values will be shown so users can select any of them.

See and download your organization’s GSuite directory

Allows us to search for contacts in your domain directory 

View the activity record of files in your Google Drive

Metadrive needs to check the activity of your file in order to synchronize changes in real-time between concurrent sessions. This means, if multiple users are working on the same folder at the same time and make changes in some documents, these changes are reflected in the rest of the sessions seeing the same documents.

General considerations

Neither Metadrive nor the Metadrive team has access to your Drive files and folders or any other Google service like Google Contacts. The application uses the credentials of the Google account you are signed in to manage your Drive files and folders.

Metadrive does not store any information about your files. All the metadata you add to your documents is stored in the documents themselves, which are protected by Google Drive permissions security.

We just store folder settings information (such as properties name or type, workflows configurations, etc) and user licensing information (i.e., user email address, number of licenses of your domain, first and last sign-in dates).