Introduction scope & Security

Before contributing, a folder must have a configuration. Check Organizing content and Permissions for more information.

How to create / Upload documents

To create and upload documents we can find this button  at bottom-right.

When clicking it, we can choose to create a new file between 5 different types of Google files or upload our own documents.
NOTE: If you create some Google file you will need to refresh Metadrive in order to see the document.

Uploading new files

We are going to upload some documents into a folder. First click on the bottom-right button and then click on this one :


Metadrive will show a panel. We can even edit Metadata during the upload:


It’s done! Files uploaded with Metadata assigned:


Assigning metadata

Once there are some custom properties created, we can edit document’s Metadata pretty easy.
NOTE: Users can edit metadata if they have editor permissions and if there is any custom property created. For more information check Permissions.

You can use the wrench button  or click on Edit Metadata using the context menu.

By doing this, Metadrive will show a preview of the document and a panel where we can edit its properties.

We are going to update the property Status in a document. Click on wrench button :


Set the value of Status to ‘Pending’:


And it’s done! Property updated!