Team Drives in Metadrive


Since version 3.0 Metadrive has been integrated with Team Drives. Any user can open Team Drives with Metadrive as it was done with Google Drive folders.


You can take a look on the following video and get an overview about Google Team Drives in Metadrive


NOTE: Nowadays is not possible to open Team Drives with Metadrive directly from Google Drive (Technical limitation of Google Drive API). For the moment you can access to Metadrive Home ( and you will see all your Team Drives listed in the second gadget from the left column.


Double-clicking on a Team Drive will open the Team Drive with Metadrive. You can also right click the Team Drive to open it in a new window or to add it into your workspace.


Once Metadrive loads the Team Drive, the functionalities are the same. You can search at Team Drive level and even at subfolder level in the structure as you can do in a Google Drive folder.


NOTE: You can open any subfolder inside a Google Team Drive directly from Google Drive using “Open with…” functionality. Metadrive will load this subfolder and its subfolders with the configuration created for the Team Drive.